BROKEY Yacht Club

This project was worked for the Reykjavík City Yacht Club – BROKEY, on their site at the docks in front of the HARPA Concert Hall.

The project was meant to fulfill their activities as a club and as a place for their competitions on the “outer” harbor.

The Upper level was made as the Club-House, where meeting would be held, their sitting room and an office, with a competition control center.

The Lower level had two functions, one being service to guests, travelling the oceans and needing a place to clean up, but also storage facility.  The other was to have a kitchen and restaurant, meant to cater for the club members and guests, during their competitions and gatherings.  But this facility was also meant as a revenue building element, to raise money for the club, at the same time as being a destination for tourists, wanting to experience the activities of the harbor, whilst having a view of Reykjavík from that angle, as well as the Concert Hall.

This project was done according to the clubs analysis and space requirement at the time.  The Scheme shows a lower level at 310m² and upper level at 180m² = 490m²

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March 15, 2016


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