Previous work for Nexus Architects

Ívar Örn Guðmundsson

Nexus arkitektar – Reykjavik (jan. 2001 – 2011)


Klasi                                                                                                                                               -reykjavik 110
-an advisor for the collaboration of the city and private development companies, for the redevelopment of a 110 ha. industrial site, “höfðinn – elliðaárvogur” of which 63 ha./ 155 acre area are to be redeveloped for a dense mixed use core development, becoming a new “central/core” area for the “sprawled” Reykjavík. (no-publishing clause by client)

Reykjavík International Airport                                                                       -bessastaðir peninsula
-proposal for a new international airport in the Reykjavík metropolitan area, located on a 135 ha./ 330acre peninsula in the bay of Reykjavík. (no-publishing clause by client)

Hektar                                                                                                                                           -reykjavík 105
-proposal for a redevelopment of an 8,5.ha./ 21 acre area from an industrial status to a mixed use site for a 152.000m² mixed use development.

Festar                                                                                                                                             -reykjavík 101
-winning entry in an invited competition, for a mixed use redevelopment of an entire city block in reykjavík city center. shopping, hotel, parking and offices; 29.500m²/31.700ft²

ÁHÁ Byggingar                                                                                                                         -reykjavík 101
-the “silfurtúnglið” apartment bldg. proposal, incl. shops & parking garage.
-bldg. included 82 apartments, 1200 m² of retail and 120 parking spaces.

Te & Kaffi                                                                                                                            -hafnarfjörður 220
-design of “tee & coffees” hq. comprising of offices, teaching facilities, manufacturing and storing facilities. Project has received building permit and construction started 2016
-scheme 1: 2007 – stapahraun 11, comprising of; offices, teaching (the coffee school), manufacturing and storing facilities, in all about 1.200m²
scheme 2: 2016 – stapahraun 11-12, currently been re-developed and enlarged to become combined facility of the two lots and becoming about. 3.800m²

Kríunes                                                                                                                                     -kópavogur 203
-design for a hotel addition, for a 1.300m² addition to the current building at elliðavatn lake, consisting of; twenty new suites, spa, banquet hall, reception and an aurora borealis hall, at the lakeside. new construction is expected to resume in late 2015.

Himinn & Haf                                                                                                                          –garðabær 210
-design for a restaurant and banqueting halls along the waterfront at gardabaer, in the reykjavík metropolitan area. the proposals show a 7.900ft² building in two parts. the 3.400ft² restaurant building with facilities and 4.500ft² banqueting halls.

Verbúð 11                                                                                                                                     -reykjavik 101
-conversion from a fisherman´s hut to a restaurant at the harbor side.

Brautarholt                                                                                                                                 -reykjavík 116
-schematic design for a new clubhouse of a new golf club in the Reykjavík metropolitan area, located at the ocean front. The project to be built in three phases, as the club expands. Final scheme to be 690m²/7.400ft² with full accommodation for members.

Frumafl                                                                                                                                        -reykjavík 105
-a nursing home for the elderly and ill, an extension to the sóltún complex, in all a proposal for a 119 nursing studios and facilities and services, commercial kitchen, a “club-house” and a submerged parking structure, totaling 14.500m²/ 15.600ft².

Nauthóll                                                                                                                                       -reykjavík 101
-a 575m²/6.200ft², two part restaurant/cafe building in vatnsmýri, for up to 300 guests, with large outdoor verandas connecting to the city´s pedestrian coastline promenade.

Símahúsið                                                                                                                                   -reykjavík 101
-a proposal for a hotel building at a city centre square. a five floor building with around 100 rooms and facilities on gr.fl.

Hótel Óðinsvé                                                                                                                            -reykjavík 101
-renovation and extension to an existing hotel in the city centre.

Fioga sro                                                                                                                   -prague, Czech Republic
-hotel design, for a 47 room reconstructed bldg. in central prague


Sólberg                                                                                                          -eyjarfjörður (north of Iceland)
-the planning of a small gated community, consisting of twelve houses of different sizes that line the eyjafjörður coastline, facing south-west towards akureyri city across the bay.
-the design of the buildings, based on four housing-types that vary from 180 m²-250m².

Hektar                                                                                                                                           -reykjavík 101
-proposal for a 38 apartment student housing complex in reykjavik city centre.

Private Residences                                      -arnarnes / seltjarnarnes / reykjavík / milton mass. usa
-Stórakur – a 400m² house at akraland in gardabaer.
-Nesbali – a 330m² house in seltjarnarnes.
-Ruggles – a 450m² redesign of a single family house in milton, mass. usa.
-Sunnuflöt a 510m² house in gardabær, house, incl. home offices and junior aptm.

Country Residences                                                                                                                       -grímsnes
-a 490m² country house in grímsnes, w. guesthouse and garages (650m²)
-a 410m² country house at göltur, with boathouse and garages (660m²)

Alterations & Additions:
-a 495m² refurbishment of a single family home in tjarnargata ,central reykjavík.
-conversion and extensions of 50 trade- & labor union summerhouses at munaðarnes
-various extensions, rebuilds and renovation designs for private residences.

Te & Kaffi                                                                                                         -reykjavík cosmopolitan area
-restaurant/cafe designs, detailing & construction coordination.
-designs include: laugavegur, borgartún, kringlan, smáralind, hamraborg, hlemmur, also all new penninn book-café´s

Múlakaffi                                                                                                                                     -reykjavík 105
-The catering company´s head office and reception for new catering clients.

Icelandair                                                                                                         -scandin. office, Copenhagen
-office design and coordination for their scandinavia operation offices.

Hótel borg                                                                                                               -reykjavík 101 city center
-proposal for alterations to the ground level, “golden room” & “shadow bar”

Helgafellsbyggingar                                                                                                         -mosfellsbær 270
-proposals for a residential area, consisting of 1.000 -1.100 units.
-the project was jointly planned by three firms, ours is the lower density surrounding a central core for about 600 units – planning for 290 units completed, in three sections.

Various smaller planning proposals
-kríunes, te&kaffi, sólberg, sóltún,

Tjarnargata 30                                                                                                                          -reykjavik 101
-architectural & interior design for a renovation of a stately home at the reykjavík pond.
-project & construction management.

Munaðarnes                                                                                                               -borgarfjörður, iceland
-alterations, renovation and expansions of fifty old summerhouses for ROM and SFR.

Ruggles Lane                                                                                                                    -milton, mass., usa
-architectural design for a house conversion.

Oak Hill Manor                                                                                                                        -kent, england
-design coordination and quantity surveying for a country estate renovation.
-architectural & interior design in collaborations with others.
-quantity surveying with Baker Wilkins and Smith, international QS.

Aflvaki                                                                                                                                           -reykjavík 101
-aflvaki ltd. was the reykjavik city´s own development company
-various proposals for residential & shopping building projects for the city center.

Skipulagssjóður                                                                                                                        -reykjavík 101
-skipulagssjóður is the reykjavik city´s own land purchase company
-a 15.000 m² galleria building between laugavegur and hverfisgata, consisting of 5.400 m² of shops and galleria, 7,000 m² of apartments built above a two storey galleria enclosure, and 2,600 m² of parking.

Miðborgarstjórn                                                                                                        -reykjavík City Center
-feasibility studies for a reykjavík city center committee. projects were included in a
aflvaki show in autumn ´03 and were widely published in newspapers and television.
-Sundhöllin -extension, spa and outdoor facility.
-Hljómskálagarðurinn -restaurant & an open air music platform.
-Miklatún -design of contemporary alterations of park
-Barónsstígur -parking garage & students aptm. complex
-Núllið “the zero” -public toilets in the city centre.

Ingolfstorg-City Center                                                                        -reykjavík 101 -des ´11 – jan ´12
-an open competition for the redevelopment of an important city center city block, for a hotel and related business, as well as the reconfiguration of the public squares of and around the site. in collaboration with ARChus and Rýma architects

Old City Harbour – Brokey                                                                   -reykjavík 101 -june – nov. ´09
-an open competition by the city of reykjavík and the harbour of reykjavík for general concept ideas of how to better incorporate the old city harbor into the adjoining developing city center og reykjavík. project cont. with reykjavík yacht club Brokey.

Sirkus                                                                                                             -reykjavík 101 -june – nóv. ´07
-an invited comparison/competition by “festar/bts developers” for a project for a mixed development scheme in reykjavík city center, for retail, hotel and office space, including parking. in all a 29.000m² scheme. won & rated as most promising project.

Vatnsmýrin                                                                                                  -reykjavík 101 -april – june ´07
-an open competition by the city of reykjavík for a planning scheme for the Vatnsmýri site close to Reykjavík city center. (currently the city´s local airport. “The Shaping of a capital city”. housing and shops in a 170ha/420acre mixed use neighborhood. in collaboration with SAV architects.

Arnarnes-North                                                                                                  -gardabær 210 – sept. ´04
-an invited comparison/competition by “akraland”. a 404 unit, 53.000m²/57.000ft² proposal for a residential neighborhood in gardabær/gardentown. the scheme is being discussed by the local authorities and got first rating, by the client, of the four firms that participated. collaboration with new york based architect Anthony F. Perez.

Sól/víkings reitur/site                                                                                       -reykjavík 105 – june ´04
-an invited comparison/competition by “keflavíkur verktakar/keflavik contractors” for a proposal for an enclave of residential buildings around a central plaza, placed close to the city center. the project; for 264 apartments and a parking structure would be 25.400m²/27.300ft², won first rating by the client.