Reykjavík City Centre Committee Projects

Aflvaki ltd. was the reykjavik city´s own development company.

Nexus architects made various proposals for residential & shopping buildings along laugavegur, where the schemes were infill into an otherwise un-built cityscape or street-fronts.

This scheme at Barónsstígur, shows a possible use of an ill used site in the center of old Reykjavík. It proposes to build a Carport inside the hill for about 330 cars, which is very much needed, for the surrounding area, as there are many schools there and parking is a needed. On top of this carport, the scheme proposes to build 108 units of small to medium apartments for students, in all 9.500m². At the same time the scvheme proposes to maket he playarea ogf the adjacent school better organised and in fact larger than it currently is.

The concept of the adjacent Austurbæjar “school“, can be seen as resembling the american notion of the campus, where a central point gave the visa to the countryside. This school was, when built at the boundary of the old city, which now surrounds it. As with the classically oriented american colleges, the open arms of the campus were then brought together and a more classically formes „square“ was formed.



Concept Works


March 17, 2016



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completed: 15 March 2016

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completed: 30 March 2016

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