Ingólfs „Square“ is located in the Old Reykjabvík City Center, at MainStreet.

The sceme focuses on utilising the Cities Public Areas, as well as proposing a Hotel Building.
Ingólfssquare is located in the heart of Reykjavík, at Main Street.

Older buildings are moved, to hold onto the aesthetic of old Reykjavík around the public square, by moving them to the edge of the square. A new contemporary hotel building is built along the entire length og the plot, behind the old buildings.

An older office building from the 50´s is converted to a hotel, altering the appearence only by changing the glass curtainwall and the roof. The oldest building on the site is rebuilt to its original state. This allows the site to be a sample of its history.

The proposal shows a scheme of 183 Hotel Rooms, Restaurants and Bars, as well as a conference & concert hall. Most of the scheme utilises the older built fabric, although new development would be 3.800m².


Project Colaboration: in collaboration with Joni, Guðm. Gunnl. & Rýma arkitektar


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October 29, 2015


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